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Navarathri Special Events

October 06 to 14th, 2021

With the divya anugraha of Sri Krishna and blessings from parama poojya Sri Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji,

SKVD cordially invites you to cultural  program every evening during Navarathri
All progams are streamed this year on Facebook.
Events start at 6:00PM each day

Instrumental - Veena 
by Kum. Amrita Vittal

Saturday, October 17  

Vocal Concert 
by Smt. Tanmayee Krishnamurthy

Sunday, October 18 

Vocal Concert 
by Smt. Tanmayee Krishnamurthy with Students

Monday, October 19 

Instrumental - Violin
by Smt. Seetha Jayanth

Tuesday, October 20

Instrumental - Flute
by Sri Shivakumar K.N. and Students

Wednesday, October 21 

Vocal Concert 
by Smt. Sharada and Students

Thursday, October 22

Vocal Concert 
by Smt. Aparna Narendra

Friday, October 23

Yakshagana Taala Maddale 
by DFW Yakshagana Havyasis 

Saturday, October 24 

by Smt. Deepa Kamath

Sunday, October 25 

Please contact priest Sri Vadiraja Bhat on 669-237-9465

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